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Ikigai offers a wide range of job vacancies from renowned establishments such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, care homes, and various other service sectors and factories. Whether you are seeking a position in the hospitality industry, looking to work in a luxurious resort or hotel, interested in joining a reputable restaurant, or aiming to contribute your skills in a care home or other service sectors, Ikigai provides a platform to explore and apply for these opportunities. Additionally, for individuals seeking employment in the manufacturing sector, Ikigai also presents vacancies in factories across various industries. With its extensive network and partnerships, Ikigai strives to connect job seekers with the right positions in these esteemed establishments, ensuring a fulfilling career path.

Work Visa

Our Administrative Scrivener specializes in handling the documentation process for various work visas. Whether you are an individual seeking employment in Japan or a company looking to hire international talent, our scrivener is well-versed in the intricacies of visa applications and can guide you through the necessary paperwork.

Specified Skilled Workers (SSW):

Ikigai offers a comprehensive preparation class for the Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) visa, focusing on language instruction as well as Japanese living style and culture. Our experienced teachers guide students through various aspects of daily life in Japan, including customs, traditions, social etiquette, and work culture. By immersing themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Japan, students gain a well-rounded understanding that goes beyond language proficiency. Our goal is to prepare students not only for work opportunities but also for a successful and enriching experience in Japanese society.

Permanent resident & Naturalization:

In addition to work visas, our services extend to assisting individuals in applying for permanent residence and naturalization. These processes can often be complex and require a thorough understanding of immigration laws and regulations. Our Administrative Scrivener has the expertise and experience to navigate these procedures and provide comprehensive support to individuals seeking to establish long-term residency or citizenship in Japan.


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